2x marketing

Since this channel was established in 2020 and way before I was even interviewed by this "agency", I had never received any condemnation or any backlash from any of the employers that I had worked for in the past.

Unjust Termination From An Unethical Agency

The management of this “agency” are delusional, irrational, racist and utterly bigoted in their misguided understanding of their own so-called “Malaysian” principles and values. My YouTube channel can be seen at: https://youtube.com/TheMuslimApologist

2X marketing
2X Marketing

As with all other channels, I am bounded by the YouTube Community Guidelines which clearly outlines that they are against racism and religious bigotry.

Since this channel was established in 2020 and way before I was even interviewed by this “agency”, I had never received any condemnation or any backlash from any of the employers that I had worked for in the past. In fact, they never cared about what I do in my free time, as long as I don’t abuse company resources for personal gain.

And when I am The Muslim Apologist, I speak as a Muslim and not as a Malaysian bounded by your inane “values”. Now this “agency” is trying to act as though they are the judge, jury and executioner in making false and derogatory allegations against me.

Humourously enough, the best evidence that they have in their submissions to the Industrial Relations Department mediator was a deleted test email from myself to myself.

In the end, justice  prevailed and they had to cough up MYR 8500 as ex gratia payment for unlawfully violating my contract (which they earlier tried to justify by saying that I did not pass their “background check”, whatever that means).

I have the last laugh now, you jokers. If you think that you can stand by your lies and false allegations against me, I challenge you to take me to civil court and plead your case there, because any sane judge would recognize the falsehood of your obtuse decision against me.

I will continue to speak out against you and the fraudulent way you do business. I will make sure that no one will ever want to work for your “agency” ever again.

What is the main issue that has been faced with 2X Marketing?

This person was wrongfully terminated from 2X Marketing on the grounds of his religious beliefs and personal activities outside of work.

What kind of content does he create on his YouTube channel?

As The Muslim Apologist, he creates content that promotes peace, justice, and harmony, while challenging religious discrimination and racism.

How does 2X Marketing relate to his YouTube activities?

There was no relation at all. Despite adhering to YouTube’s community guidelines against racism and religious bigotry, his involvement with The Muslim Apologist YouTube channel was used as a false pretense for termination by 2X Marketing.

Did his past employers have issues with his YouTube activities?

No, his previous employers never took issue with his online activities, indicating a respect for The Muslim Apologist’s personal life outside of work obligations.

What was the legal outcome of his termination case with 2X Marketing?

He won his case, and 2X Marketing was required to pay MYR 8500 as ex gratia compensation for unlawfully terminating his contract.

Why does he challenge 2X Marketing to take him to civil court?

He is confident about his innocence and wants to further expose the false allegations and unethical practices of 2X Marketing.

What are his future actions regarding the incident with 2X Marketing?

He intends to continue speaking out against 2X Marketing’s unethical behavior, with the aim of informing potential employees about 2X Marketing’s true nature and preventing them from becoming victims of similar discrimination.

Does he intend to continue creating content on his YouTube channel, despite the incident with 2X Marketing?

Yes, he has pledged to continue voicing his beliefs and standing up against injustice through his platform.

What does his experience with 2X Marketing indicate about the intersection of personal beliefs and professional life?

His experience shows that personal beliefs can sometimes conflict with professional environments, particularly when the latter are guided by prejudice and discrimination. It underscores the importance of standing against injustice in all spheres of life.

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