Making Connections with Other Entrepreneurs

If you’re trying to get your small business off the ground or hoping to expand on an otherwise successful enterprise, one of the most helpful things that you can do is to connect and network with other entrepreneurs. These connections can lead to partnerships between businesses, ideas you’d never have thought of on your own, and relationships within your industry that can help your business reach new heights. However, it can sometimes be hard for a busy entrepreneur to make connections with his or her peers. Here are a few suggestions for meeting fellow small business owners and building relationships with them. Continue reading “Making Connections with Other Entrepreneurs”

Joining A Golf Club

If there’s a golf club close to you, it might be a good idea to join. There are several benefits of joining a California golf club that you might not get from other memberships that you might have. One is that there’s usually always someone to play golf with and talk to when you want to spend time at the club. When you pay your dues each month, you’re paying for unlimited rounds of golf. All you have to do is go to the club to play a few holes or an entire course. There could be a charge for using the golf carts, but if you decide to walk from one hole to the next, then you’re going to get exercise and as many rounds as you want.

You can go when there aren’t a lot of people who are playing. There are usually options to form groups with the members so that you can play together. This allows you to interact with people who are close to your age and interested in the same sport that you’re interested in instead of playing alone. Joining a club allows you to improve your game because you can play alone and practice, perfecting your shots so that you can enter a tournament or defeat other members of the club as well as friends who like to play.

Most golf clubs allow you to bring family members or even a guest or two so that you can play together. There are usually special events during the year, like charity golf tournaments or holiday parties. When the family plays together, it gives you a chance to catch up on what’s going on in life. There are usually golf lessons offered if you need to improve your game or if someone in your family wants to learn how to play. An added benefit of joining a golf club is that you can get discounts on everything from drinks and snacks to items that you need to play golf, such as clubs, balls, and tees. There are usually discounts for clothing and other gear in the club shop as well.

TMJ: I Can Step Down If You Are Not Happy With Me

It sure seemed like a large chunk of local football fans rejoiced on the 25th of March 2017 as Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim was sworn in as Football Association of Malaysia (FAM)’s new president.

We basked in joy at promises of a corruption-free FAM, and the vision of Malaysian football transforming and making leaps of progress.

However, things are not that easy, as Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim has discovered.

The Johor Crown Prince has been pelted with numerous accusations since he took over the office and he is clearly frustrated by them.

Early in April, the FAM president received backlash after Kedah’s head coach tendered his resignation after being earmarked for position of assistant head coach for the national football team.

Now, he is under fire for the referees’ decision in the matches, being accused for favouritism for his home team, Johor Darul Ta’zim.

“Just that I want to ask some questions, when Perak got a penalty in the final minutes against T-Team, was it my fault? JDT got a penalty, my fault? Because I’m the President and a Johorean? Selangor also got penalty against Pahang, was it my fault? Kedah got a red card because their player hit a T-Team player, was it my fault? Liridon got injured, was it my fault?” a vexed TMJ expressed on Facebook.

He went on to remind local fans that Johor Darul Ta’zim was already winning matches and trophies long before he became FAM president.

“If there are people who want to raise issues about refereeing decisions, then FAM can play videos and the fans can be the judge.” the Crown Prince assured the fans.

“If there are still fans who are unhappy with me being the FAM president, you can urge your affiliates to hold a congress and appoint a new president.”

Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim further elaborated that he became FAM president to help the national team, to improve the quality of the local league, and to eradicate corruption. However, all his efforts are being met with severe criticism.

“If the Malaysian football fans think that I’m not the right person to be the President, I can step down. No problem.” TMJ ended his statement.

Apart from that, TMJ assures local football fans that he has already instructed FAM, the integrity committee and the Football Referees Association to investigate referees and poorly officiated matches and to settle the matter immediately. (Source)

Malaysian Women Above 40 Have More Sex

Malaysian women above 40 have more sex, especially after menopause, says Professor Dr George Lee. The Kuala Lumpur Gleneagles Hospital consultant urologist said that women over 40 have sex an average of eight times a month compared to those below 40 who engage in sex an average of six times a month.

He explained that among the reasons was because post menopausal women did not need to worry about unwanted pregnancy.

“So often, men do not want to wear condoms, and women do not want to be on the (birth control) pill because they are afraid of gaining weight. These factors eventually makes sex a little bit ‘risky’. Therefore, in order to overcome the situation, most couples just avoid sex altogether, and that is what happens to so many middle-aged couples here in Malaysia,” he said during a talk titled “What The Fact of Sexual Habits” on Friday. He said that although people assume that women no longer have sex after menopause, that is actually when their sex life gets enhanced.
“Once women have reached menopause, they are more confident. They let go and they enjoy sex a lot more,” he added.

He said that women who are older also tend to have lesser things to worry about, in turn allowing them time for themselves and sex.

“In a study we did on the ranking of sex on the list of life priorities, it was found that women ranked sex as number 14 out of 17, with 17 being the least important. This is a complete contrast to men who rate it as eight out of 17,” he added.

Dr Lee explained that this was because in general, women worried more than men.

“They think about money, their children, the house, what to cook, and so it (sex) just gets neglected. So once they are older, the children are in university and house and finances are better settled, it is just easier for them to enjoy sex,” he added.


OKS Wants Harimau Malaysia To Beat Philippines

National football chief coach Datuk Ong Kim Swee is targeting to improve Malaysia’s ranking with win against the Philippines in an international friendly match at the Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila on March 22. After having draws in the last four encounters since 2012 against the 124th ranked Philippines, Kim Swee hopes a win would help the national squad to leap several ranks from its 161st spot in the world now. The match is also a warm-up for Malaysia before facing North Korea (121st) in their 2019 Asian Cup final qualifying round on March 28.

The 47-year-old coach from Malacca said the match against The Azkals is very important as Harimau Malaysia have not been in action after being knocked out of the 2016 AFF Suzuki Cup group competition in Myanmar in November.

“Our games with Philippines have been ending in draws. So obviously we want to win but it would not be easy as the Philippines are a strong team and they are ranked much higher than us,” Kim Swee was quoted as saying in the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) website today.

On the list of 23 players called for centralised training starting Monday, he said the majority of the players have been retained to maintain the teamwork established among players.

“I did not make many changes with players as we will not have sufficient time to rebuild the new combination. It will be easier to regroup as most of the players are already familiar with each other.

“The new faces called up are based on their good performance in league matches such as Farizal Harun, Akram Mahinan and Afif Amiruddin,” he said.

Kim Swee is expected to join centralised training one day later on Tuesday, as he has to attend to family matters after his father passed away on Tuesday this week. The first day of centralised camp training for Harimau Malaysia at Wisma FAM in Kelana Jaya will be conducted by national assistant coach, Brad Maloney.